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Marathon Splits and Key Points

START - on Smith St. at RI STATE HOUSE, 17 feet east of east end of Francis Street, at west end of crosswalk.
0.3485 - on Smith St. at end of crosswalk just after intersection with Orms St.
0.545 - on Smith St. at intersection with Chalkstone Ave.
0.808 - on Smith St. at intersection with Oakland Ave.

MILE 1 - at bus shelter just after Maude St. (L) opposite Newport Creamery, 22 ft. after water drain.
1.413 - on Smith St. at intersection with River St.
1.678 - on Smith St. at intersection with Academy Ave.

MILE 2 - on Smith St. at Lennon St., 1 ft. after Pole 207 (R)
2.123 - on Smith St. at left turn onto Old Road
2.206 - corner of Old Rd. and Mt. Pleasant Ave. (St Augustine's Church on left)
2.496 - at entrance road (R) to Rhode Island College

MILE 3 - on Mt. Pleasant Ave., after Glover St. (L) and before Manomet St.(R), 1 ft. before end of driveway to # 301 (L)
3.15 - on Mt. Pleasant Ave. at intersection with Chalkstone Ave.
3.34 - at FIRE STATION (R), just before Dover St..
3.665 - at left turn at corner of Mt. Pleasant / Atwells Ave.
3.9286 - on Atwells Ave. at intersection with Academy Ave.

MILE 4 - on Atwells Ave. @ 130 yd. after Academy Ave., at end of driveway just after #761 (L), before Cutler St.
4.131 at Shell Station (at 2nd water drain) at corner of Valley St.
4.22 - at FIRE STATION on Atwells Ave.
4.348 at center island at left turn off Atwells onto Eagle St., then course bears right onto Kinsley
4.955 on Kinsley St. at intersection with Dean St.

MILE 5 - @ 80 yd. after Dean St., at the middle of driveway entrance to Prov. Journal Production Facility
5.42 - at end of Kinsley St., at bottom of left turn up Park St. at the parking entrance to Providence Place Mall. Course goes uphill for 210 yd.
5.54 - at top of Park St. at right turn onto Hayes St.
5.64 - at right turn at corner of Hayes St. and Francis St. (PP Mall on right, view of State House on left)
5.8587 at bottom of Francis St. just before left turn around traffic island onto Memorial Blvd.

MILE 6 - 70 yd. before beginning of Exchange St., 15 ft. before beginning of water drain, and 25.5 ft. before fire hydrant (R)
6.04 - on Memorial Blvd. at the beginning of Exchange St.
6.243 - at Memorial Blvd. at right turn ontoWestminster St., then quick left onto Weybosset St.
6.435 - on Weybosset St. at beginning of intersection with Dorrance St.
6.70 - on Weybossett St. at intersection with Chestnut St. (L), then straight over Rte. 95
6.936 - on Broad St., after crossing Rte. 95, at Service Road just before the YMCA (L)

MILE 7 - on Broad St. at Stewart St. (L) (opposite Cahir St.), even with water cover (L)
7.36 - on Broad St. at traffic light at intersection with Elmwood Ave.
7.75 - on Broad St. at Plenty St. (just before ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL)
7.946 - on Broad St. at Public St., just before Brooks Pharmacy (R)

MILE 8 - just before Stanwood St. (R), even with south entrance to CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH (R), and before Reynolds Ave. (L)
8.20 - FIRE STATION (R), just after Congress Ave. (R)
8.394 - on Broad St. at Colfax St. (L) (opposite Adelaide Ave.), just before CVS (L)
8.54 - at HOLY CROSS CHURCH (L), just after Pennsylvania Ave. (L)
8.779 - on Broad St. /at Prairie Ave. (L)
8.954 - at north end of Hawthorne Rd.(entrance to Roger Williams Park on right)

MILE 9 - 80 yd. after no. end of Hawthorne Rd., at beginning of front door # 1248 (L)
9.546 - at left turn at corner of Broad St. and Montgomery Ave. (immediately after CHURCH), On Montgomery Ave., bear to the left onto Alabama Ave.
9.871 - at end of Alabama Ave., at corner of left turn onto Narragansett Blvd. Then cross over to right side of Naragansett Blvd. in bike lane heading north.

MILE 10 - on Narragansett Blvd. just after Vermont Ave. even with north end of Vt. Ave. sidewalk. Continue straight on Narragansett Blvd. which becomes Allens Ave.
10.153 - on Allens Ave. at intersection with New York Ave.
10.35 - at FIRE STATION (R)on Allens Ave., @ 100 meters before Ernest St.
10.814 - on Allens Ave. at entrance ramp (R) to Rte. 95 north, before donut shop (R)

MILE 11 - just before Warren Way (L) with XTRA MART (L), 28 ft. after Pole 050; 30 ft. before beginning of front door #375 (L)
11.394 - on Allens Ave. at Public St.
11.842 - on Allens Ave. at Desire (R), just before intersection with Eddy St. Course then curves to right on Eddy St.

MILE 12 - on Eddy St., 48 ft. before north end of center traffic island at intersection with Point St., 6 ft. before beginning of road cover on center island. Then straight on Eddy St.
12.21 - on Eddy St. at north end of Rte. 195 entrance ramp (R) and Ship St. (L), even with Do Not Enter sign. Course continues straight, bearing to the right underneath Rte. 195 overpass, then bear right on Dyer Ave. and then straight to intersection with Pine St. (L), and continue straight on Memorial Blvd.
12.755 - on Memorial Blvd. at left turn onto Steeple St. (0.3542 miles to go !!) At intersection with Exchange St. go straight on Exchange Terrace.

MILE 13 - at west side of intersection of Exchange Ter. / Francis St., even with beginning of crosswalk, on white line. Then bear left onto Sabin St with Convention Center on right.

FINISH - on Sabin St. at the Convention Center, just after access road (L) to Fountain St., even with leading edge of water drain on left.

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