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#1 at 2.1 miles on Smith St. at Rainone's Liquors (L) about 70 yd. before left turn onto Old Rd. and then wraps around St. Augustine's
#2 at 4.2 miles on Atwells Ave. just after Valley St. at a big parking lot just before Block Buster Video (L)
#3 at 6.0 on Memorial Blvd. on sidewalk at mile 6, @ 70 yd. before Exchange St. (big parking lot below)
#4 at 8.0 on Broad St. in vacant market parking lot (L), before Reynolds Ave. (L) and opposite Calvary Baptist Church
#5 at 9.9 on Narragansett Blvd. after Massachusetts and before Washington along sidewalk
#6 at 11.85 on Allens Ave. at Desire, just before intersection with Eddy St.

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